Distinctive Aspects

· Completes challenging & complicated projects in time
· Certified & Competitive; Applying international standards to ensure quality
· Takes responsibility for the sake of the project & always part of solutions not problems
· Taking precautions against common faults at preceding & subsequent phases
· Experience to work with top global companies; organized, elaborative, collaborative
· Handling revisions and additional works as inherent aspects of the project
· Flexibility to adopt and respond quickly to changing conditions
Compared to the companies specialized in just one field of construction, Proko Construction Industry is capable of comprehending and handling all project phases as a whole. When we undertake a project as turnkey, harmonized subsequent processes and our experience in different disciplines enable us to find creative solutions to the problems which seems to be impossible tasks and we complete the project usually before the required period with a quality exceeding the determined standards.
And when we undertake one or several stages of a project, we use our expertize in all areas for the benefit of the jobholder. It is vital that every stage or process of a project is compliant with the preceding and subsequent stages or processes. Working with companies that has no insight about the preceding or subsequent stages or processes may cause incompatible service or fabrication resulting in serious waste of time and money for the project owner. Our knowledge and experience in all of the stages and processes also enables a smooth and fast construction process which benefits both the job holder and the project owner. Our experience in the fields like wood-concrete, concrete-steel, wood-steel, space frame systems, all kinds of facade and coating elements cause our services and fabrications to be compliant with these applications.
Steel is the most common element used in Industrial and Commercial Buildings. As we fabricate all of the structural steel components in our workshops, our company has a competitive advantage in delivery times and cost management. When the project is considered as a whole; the more service or component you get from outside sources the more risk of faults and incompliances you have to face. As we are both capable of fabricating the structural components and making installation ourselves, construction process is not only fast and defect-free but also economic and high-quality.
We guarantee our workmanship for a lifetime from the date of installation or completion of works and payment of invoice.  If in the course of normal, reasonable use our welds, fixings or custom made parts fail - we will ‘make good’ either by repair or replacement at our discretion.  This guarantee does not include parts or equipment used for or in a way not intended or expected by Proko. We reserve the right to determine whether the item(s) are faulty or have been incorrectly used or mistreated.
We guarantee to complete the job or project in the pre-agreed timeframe, as per our signed quote acceptance or purchase order. Any changes to the original specifications or requirements will extend the timeframe allocated and will need to be approved by Proko and the client at that time. This timeframe guarantee will not apply where Proko is prevented from completing works due to site access restrictions, parts being unavailable from suppliers, non payment of your account or any other circumstances beyond the control of Proko.
Your projects will be handled with full confidentiality. No information or drawing related to your project will be shared with third parties or companies except for the purposes of job making.