Steel Fabrication

For your every type of steel fabrication needs please do not hesitate to request a proposal from us...  Bu e-posta adresi spam robotlarından korunuyor. Görebilmek için JavaScript etkinleştirilmelidir.
We have been providing a full range of steel fabrication services for our clients which includes Top Global Contractors all around the World.
We fabricate all structural steel components at our Steel Fabrication Facility having an annual capacity of exceeding 6.000 tons. With the help of our comprehensive machinery, experienced technical team and quality system our fabrication process becomes defect-free. As we embody all of technical and structural services related to construction, we are able to minimize faults and costs resulting in aesthetic, strong, long-lasting, functional and economical results.
We also have numerous long-term fabrication partners with whom we are able to exceed our annual capacity and accomplish large scale projects.
Our steel fabrication advantages can be summarized as;
▪ Capability to handle challenging projects
▪ Economical Solutions
▪ On-Time Delivery
▪ Fabrication and Services compliant to EU and International Standards
▪ Experienced Technical Team
▪ Wide range of Machinery and Equipment
▪ Result-oriented Approach
Our Steel Fabrication Process is certified with EN-1090 EXC3. This certificate enable us to put CE Mark on our steel components. As a result, our steel components can be safely used in every building within EU. EN-1090 Certificate also guarantees the quality of our fabrication. By applying all the requirements of this standard we are able to provide fault-free outcomes which enables a time-saving erection at site.
Another certificate we possess is ISO-3834-2 for Welding Quality Assurance. Vital stage of steel fabrication is welding. With an insufficient welding all the structure will be at risk. With the help of our team including Welding Engineers, Welding Technicians and certified welders we are able to keep our fabrication and quality processes sustainable.
In addition to this we are also controlling all of our material and service providers by means of EN-1090 requirements.
Our fabrications can be retrospectively investigated as traceability is another aspect we strictly apply.
We are continuously following the latest developments in steel processing and improving our machinery while we educate our staff to keep our quality at the highest level. We are able to guarantee the reliability, endurance and quality of our structures as the components fabricated by Proko are at least compatible to European standards and exceed these requirements in many occassions. We are capable of fabricating a wide range of light, medium and heavy steel structures including but not limited to; Handrails, Gratings, Stairs, Platforms, Doors, Cladding Supports, decorative accessories, etc. 
Material Procurement
Sand Blasting | Plate Sand Blasting, Profile Sand Blasting, Machinery Parts Sand Blasting
Plate Processing | CNC Plasma Cutting, Laser Cutting, Plate Drilling, Plate Marking
Profile Processing  | Profile Cutting, Profile Bending, Profile Drilling
Assembly & Marking
Welding | Gas Metal Welding, Electric Arc Welding, Sub-merged Arc Welding
Surface Treatment | Hot-dip Galvanizing, Electro-galvanizing, Metallization
Coating | Shop Primer Coating, Top Coating, Powder Coating
Surface Cleaning | Grinding, Edge Smoothing, Deburring
We guarantee our workmanship for a lifetime from the date of installation or completion of works and payment of invoice.  If in the course of normal, reasonable use our welds, fixings or custom made parts fail - we will ‘make good’ either by repair or replacement at our discretion.  This guarantee does not include parts or equipment used for or in a way not intended or expected by Proko. We reserve the right to determine whether the item(s) are faulty or have been incorrectly used or mistreated.
We guarantee to complete the job or project in the pre-agreed timeframe, as per our signed quote acceptance or purchase order. Any changes to the original specifications or requirements will extend the timeframe allocated and will need to be approved by Proko and the client at that time. This timeframe guarantee will not apply where Proko is prevented from completing works due to site access restrictions, parts being unavailable from suppliers, non payment of your account or any other circumstances beyond the control of Proko.
Your projects will be handled with full confidentiality. No information or drawing related to your project will be shared with third parties or companies except for the purposes of job making.
You can visit our Factory page in order to get more insight about our fabrication capabilities and our technical infrastructure.
For your every type of steel fabrication needs please do not hesitate to request a proposal from us...  Bu e-posta adresi spam robotlarından korunuyor. Görebilmek için JavaScript etkinleştirilmelidir.