Health & Safety


Proko Construction Industry is certified with OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. As a result of applying its requirements and relevant standards along with our Zero Tolerance Policy against Health and Safety issues, we gladly didn’t face any incidents resulting with severe injury or decease since our establishment.
We believe in and apply a continuous education program for our team and providing every opportunity for them to improve themselves both regarding Health and Safety issues and in their profession. We are either recruiting employees with required education for the jobs or make them take required courses before assigning them to a task. All the employees have to get a pre-checkup before starting the job to see if they have a condition to prevent them work safely.
Apart from occupational training and medical examinations, also Health & Safety training is provided in every situation required and working is not allowed in any case before OHS trainings. Our foremen, technicians and engineers are also carrying this responsibility and they are zero-tolerant about any level of negligence and directly interfere in any occassion.
Our Method Statements for Erection also includes OHS precautions and processes in detail. Besides choosing the best installation method to preserve health and life we also determine potentially risky applications in advance and specify the OHS solutions for these stages at our Method Statements so that our team can monitor them strictly at site.